Welcome to personalized, progressive optometry at Gualala Eyecare

What does Gualala Eyecare offer you?

High-tech in a small town
Protection of the future of your vision
Empowerment through education
Total solutions for your visual demands and lifestyle
Peace of mind
A community partner
We are here for you--whether you are having a serious eye problem, or simply need new eyewear.
In addition, our eyewear gallery is regularly bringing in distinctive eyewear as individual as you are.
Check out our new Go Local Eyewear Package for stylish, inexpensive eyewear options.

Why go anywhere else?


Locate Us

  • Gualala Eyecare
    39150 Ocean Drive, Suite 3
    P.O. Box 1088
    Gualala CA 95445
    Phone: 707-884-EYES (3937)
    Fax: 707-884-1585
    Emergency Contact: If you think that you may have a medical eye emergency, you may try to reach Dr. Davis at her residence 884-3748 or on her cell phone 707-684-0367.  Please remember that due to local fluctuations in cell phone reception, your call and message may not go through.  Another option is to go to the Urgent Care department at Redwood Coast Medical Services (Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, weekends 8am-6pm on-call 884-4005), or you could contact the Eye Care Institute in Santa Rosa at 707-546-9800 for advice and assistance.
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